Benchmarking & Reporting

We help new and established boards develop an effective, research-backed investment process and set them up for lasting success.


What are the benefits of a clearly articulated investment philosophy and process? What are the crucial elements and how should they be crystalized and captured in the policy statement for a perpetual pool of capital? We work with institutions to develop and document an IPS that serves as the roadmap for the consistent and disciplined execution of a long-term investment program.


What is the most effective way to evaluate the performance of an investment or portfolio? How should fees be integrated into the reporting process? We believe fair and accurate benchmarking is an essential piece of the overall investment process. We provide unbiased reviews of existing reporting frameworks and implementation guidance and support to ensure an optimal structure is set and maintained.


We provide clients with bespoke performance and portfolio risk decks that keep them appraised of the most essential portfolio data for public and private market investments. Risks are monitored in a mean reversion based framework designed to raise flags when trailing risk factors—including excess returns, volatility, implied hedging costs, and credit spreads, among others—may appear most benign and contained rather than after the fact.

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