Outsourced Research & OCIO

Outsourced CIO & Research

From discretionary outsourced CIO to open-architecture research support. We preserve our clients’ most important resources by taking on the more specialized or labor-intensive aspects of the investment process.

Market Review, Commentary, & Dashboard

What is happening in the markets and how may portfolios be impacted? We produce custom deliverables that provide an overview of the key developments in markets and performance commentary covering global equity, fixed income, credit and real assets markets, common benchmark portfolios and opportunistic strategies.

Market Outlook

What are the key opportunities and risks and how may they affect markets? Our Market Outlook provides an overview of the key developments in markets and their potential impact on global equity, fixed income, credit and real asset markets as well as the implications for various opportunistic strategies. Succinct talking points accompany a webinar and a white-label presentation.

Model Portfolios

Bespoke Model Portfolios that utilize an efficient blend of active and passive investment strategies across public and private markets. Models include tax-conscious implementation guidelines that span the portfolio size continuum.

Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation

What is the optimal blend of long-term strategic and dynamic tactical asset allocation? While a consistently rebalanced, low-cost strategic asset allocation provides the foundation for an effective investment program, we believe thoughtful tactical tilts can improve long-term risk-adjusted returns and improve the client experience.

Capital Market Expectations

What factors drive the long-term returns of various asset classes and how are those inputs priced today? We compile comprehensive evidence-based expectations for forward returns and volatility across public and private asset classes and opportunistic strategy categories presented on both a net-of-fees and gross-of-fees basis.

Analyst Resources

Our clients leverage us for some of the more labor-intensive aspects of the investment process, allowing them to focus their time and energy on the areas of their business or allocation process where they are most effective.

White label & Branded Content

We offer white-labeled and bespoke rebranded market commentaries, marketing content and other reports for clients, either utilizing existing client templates or by designing and implementing greenfield content and communication strategies.